The values applied in handling work

  • Professionalism: DIMAC sets up and upholds a professional and client-oriented working environment firmly. Reaching perfection in providing services, we keep our mind always cautious and thorough in handling every detail of the work, settling clients' issues and giving most effective advice to deal with their problems with the best solution. This value is also expressed in the friendly, enthusiastic and whole-hearted behaviours of any person working in DIMAC in compliance with standardized work-handling process for benefiting clients.
  • Activeness: Activeness is a core value of all the people working at DIMAC. This is expressed by their efforts to overcome all matters and ambient challenges to accomplish clients’ work best. This value is also expressed through the daily working style of all people in DIMAC, i.e. being proactive in working and finding solutions to the arisen matters before reporting the issues to superiors or informing them to clients. 
  • Excellence: DIMAC aspires to reach excellence. Simply, we do not accept a second ranking of service quality. This endlessly motivates and urges us to continuously move forwards to reach our targets and become excellent in all the work handled to support clients and all the activities DIMIAC has  worked dedicatedly to the society and community.
  • Hard-working and responsibility: In DIMAC, all the people without exception, regardless of their positions or strengths, work most hard, creatively and responsibly to ensure the assignment to be settled quickly with the highest quality. All the lawyers working at DIMAC, in any circumstance, will never hesitate to carry out any client’s assigned work needed their support, in the fair and reasonable principle ensuring the balance between family and work.
  • Mutual cooperation and support: In DIMAC, all the people working here will receive maximum cooperation and support from other colleagues at work in any situation. Specifically, where a DIMAC’s person, after making best efforts, is confronting with difficulties, such as lacking information or needing specific help, other people in DIMAC will immediately share their ideas/documents and open-mindedly discuss to resolve the problems together. Here, active share and cooperation is set as a solid ground of DIMAC, helping people receive more by “giving” without condition.
  • Flexibility, readiness for renovation: DIMAC pursues this principle in providing professional services to clients, creatively exploring all possible solutions to clients’ issues. DIMAC encourages and supports all people working here to find out new approaches and settlement methods requiring less time-consuming and more effective from current resources.
  • Trust and honesty: DIMAC builds up trust and honesty in our firm’s working environment for all the people here and its business partners. These dignities allow DIMAC to quickly obtain righteous opinions and effective solutions discovered from the right information and client-oriented opinions provided by clients or DIMAC’s lawyers.
  • Respect of individual capacity: DIMAC fully recognizes every efforts and revealed abilities of all personnel of DIMAC made for completing client’s assignments and encourages them to further attempt to perfect themselves. All considerable endeavors of a person regardless of his/her position in DIMAC to build up its fame, trust of clients in DIMAC and/or generating other legal benefits to the firm, if any, are noted fully and fairly, which will be received an appropriate reward from DIMAC. Subject to DIMAC’s  condition and development orientation in each point, DIMAC commits to provide the best environment for all the people working in DIMAC to improve their capacities maximally in the legal area of practice they pursue.

However, any member staff’s inordinate show-off, aiming at getting personal benefits or taking advantage thereof, rather than bringing interests for clients or a long-term development of DIMAC, which causes negative impacts to DIMAC’s working environment, will not be definitely encouraged.      

  • Uniting efforts and spirit for solidarity: Along with other values, the team spirit, united efforts and solidarity for reaching the determined mission are critical factors to build DIMAC’s reputation. This spiritual property created by all the people of DIMAC is priceless and it consolidates  DIMAC’s sustainable development and generates a working environment linking all the people of DIMAC up.  DIMAC encourages people joining in and becoming a part of DIMAC and other companies to be set up and operated.