The values in relationship with clients

  • Understanding clients’ matters and culture: DIMAC determines that understanding clients’ matters and expectations in the interaction of their company’s and country’s culture is very crucial before providing solutions and it is our lawyers’ great pleasure of doing that.
  • Dedicating our best to clients: In any circumstance and at any time, DIMAC treats clients’ matters as its own ones and as its ultimate priority, DIMAC proactively assists clients to resolve them most quickly effectively in accordance with the principle of mutual respect.
  • Orienting to perfection: DIMAC provides higher quality services than clients’ expectation, leading to satisfy their highest expectation and requirements. By constantly improving ourselves, DIMAC keeps enhancing its services in all aspects, from service provision, quality to after-sale services to comfort clients most.
  • Always being kind and polite: In DIMAC, all people working here, in any situation, always express their kindness and politeness to all clients in any work in which they get involved, irrespective of whether it is a challenging or simple assignment and this does not depend upon circumstances or attitude of others, if any.
  • Upholding commitments: DIMAC acknowledges that as ground for its sustainable development, its reputation and fame are built up by keeping all commitments to clients, including but not limited to meeting deadlines, keeping  excellent service quality, professionalism and utmost enthusiasm for client’s benefits.