The values in working with colleagues

  • Friendly and supportive: DIMAC is determined to build a positive working environment where all people always get enthusiastic supports from the colleagues and partners, in any time and at any place, to complete the assigned work in accordance with professional standards committed. This does not mean to allow a passive attitude to be existed. Instead, the helped person must, all the time and at his utmost, be active and positive to solve the matter, regardless of other people’ active support.
  • Cooperation and sharing: It is a crucial value consistently run in DIMAC’s working environment. This is expressed in all the actions, acts, words and working way of the people in DIMAC, who are ready to work together based upon the shared resources, information to accomplish the work entrusted to DIMAC. 
  • Equality: DIMAC treats people equally without any discrimination in any aspect in favour to colleagues in the firm. The solution and approach to any matter of the firm are determined on the ground of the highest respect and thorough understandings to aim at encouraging them to develop and perfect themselves.
  • Acting for the sake of other people and the organization: DIMAC is built to be the workplace where its people always act with care for firm’s and other colleagues’ benefits. In other words, we, the partners as the first volunteers, are willing to sacrifice and share mutual benefits instead of self-benefiting or keeping selfish thinking and this is the good example to inspire the others working in DIMAC.
  • Respect decentralization: DIMAC has a clear and appropriate  decentralization of the position and responsibilities of each person based upon his/her capacity and period of time working in DIMAC for the work to be most effectively handled. All people in DIMAC always respect and consistently behave in compliance with such decentralization in their working relationship with other colleagues but not limiting their creativity, proactivity and responsible spirit required for their position. Any unreasonable decentralization will be discussed to find out the best solution to maximize capacity and skills of each person.