DIMAC is an independent and professional law firm, specializing in consulting and supporting clients to handle legal matters in investment, merger and acquisition, corporate, effective negotiation for client’s business transactions and resolving commercial, construction and foreign investment-related disputes in Vietnam.

DIMAC commits to serve clients with its services by dedication and professionalism. We ensures the best quality of legal services provided to domestic and foreign enterprises, foreign and international invested  organizations, helping clients concentrate on their business, rather than wasting their valuable time on complicated legal matters or administrative procedures.

DIMAC law firm currently locates its head office at Ho Chi Minh City with two (02) main branches established in Hanoi and Da Nang City to provide legal services for the clients in big cities of Vietnam

Focusing on its strength, DIMAC’s professional lawyers who have worked for or provided legal services for large organizations, multinational companies and banks, are capable to quickly and effectively resolve the clients’ work requirements with remarkable service quality while offering quite reasonable service fee. Therefore, DIMAC is the most rational and best choice of Vietnamese large companies or foreign enterprises investing into Vietnam.