Advising on corporate matters

It is currently quite challenging for the company's managers to deal with its internal operations and business targets strictly in accordance with applicable regulations and laws. Therefore, in a business prospective, professional lawyers takes an extremely necessary role to support clients to resolve complex corporate issues, such as management structure, changes of shareholders, equity members or the matters arising out from important general meeting of shareholders or the members’ council and other internal issues. 

In addition, it is considerable risk to clients when they sign largely valuable contracts with business partners without lawyers' advice. This cannot be avoidable unless the contracts/agreement are reviewed by the experienced corporation lawyer.  

In DIMAC, we can provide clients with professional legal services to assist them in solving all corporate matters arising in its operational process, some major matters of which includes:

  • All the corporate matters emerging out from the daily business operations of clients;
  • Legality of all decisions, resolutions or other internal documents of clients relating to a corporate management structure, license amendments and other essential matters connecting with running a company;
  • How to organize the General Meeting for Shareholders and/or the Members’ Council legally; and
  • Potential risks in the terms of contracts and how to revise such terms to ensure the best benefits to clients 

For further information on this kind of service, you can email us at or directly call our office at (84-8) 3 930 8872.