Dispute resolution by Arbitration

DIMAC provides the legal services and supports its clients to thoroughly resolve any dispute within jurisdiction of Arbitration Centers/Organizations in Vietnam. Notably, our remarkable strengths focus on disputes over commercial transactions, import and export, construction, foreign investment and real estates.

DIMAC’s lawyers have involved in settlement of about 100 lawsuits at Arbitration Centers with the role of lawyer protecting the rights and benefits of Plaintiff or Defendant. All positive results of case settlement, because of the justness of Arbitrators and the whole-hearted working attitudes of DIMAC’s lawyers, are within the results advised by DIMAC before or within the time of settlement process.

Other strengths of DIMAC that clients should know before choosing us to act as a defending lawyer for their case are as follows:

  1. DIMAC dedicates handing all the work during the arbitrated case;
  2. DIMAC quickly responds any question, closely follows up cases for necessary advices and keeps clients updated in details on any matter or progression of dispute settlement;
  3. DIMAC quickly resolve problems arising out and puts top priority on effectiveness;
  4. DIMAC has offices at big cities of Vietnam to settle cases in different locations.

For further information on this kind of service, you can email us at or directly call our office at (84-8) 3 930 8872.