Legal issues in the credit and banking field contain lots of features and complexities, requiring lawyers to have intensive knowledge, seasoned experience and expertise to enable provision of excellent legal services to banks. In addition, types of contracts and transaction documents with their recognized traits really are tough matters to the lawyers who are not the experts in this field.

DIMAC’s lawyers have successfully solved many cases in the banking field. Through such cases, we gathered large experience and obtained the great trust from the large banks operating in Vietnam, i.e. ANZ Bank, Standard Chartered Bank, Shinhan Bank, Deutsche Bank and Hongleong Bank. We also acted as the lawyers to effectively assist our corporate clients in working with other banks, namely Military Bank, Dong A Bank, Vietcombank, ACB and Sacombank to solve the legal issues arising. This helps us fully understand the principles, culture and the differences in the banking field.

Professional legal services  DIMAC can provide:

  • Advising all legal issues arising from banks’ transactions with its clients;
  • Drafting all kinds of credit contracts;
  • Checking legality of documents provided by Banks’ clients;
  • Registering the guaranteed transactions;
  • Recovering the outstanding debts owed by companies to banks; and
  • Settling the disputes in the banking field at Courts and the Arbitration Centers.

Rather than principles of professionalism and dedication on handling Clients’ matters, DIMAC keeps other strengths, such as a diversity in the work-settling experience, qualified lawyers and the effective and reasonable service fee policy, to cooperatively work with banks. The legal services provided by DIMAC are guaranteed for trusted quality and satisfy tough requirements of banks and more importantly, suit the real  business in Vietnam. The sustainable target of DIMAC does not only assist banks in solving current legal matters, but becomes a reliable and strategic legal partner to go together with banks in all their business operations in Vietnam.

For further information on this kind of service, you can email us at or directly call our office at (84-8) 3 930 8872.