Civil matters

In DIMAC, we provide the legal services to resolve the civil disputes; legal matters regarding lands and houses and apartments; other legal matters relating to real estate and marriage and family cases. DIMAC has professional, enthusiastic and dedicated lawyers, properly behaving according to guiding values. We make the highest commitment on the quality and service provision manner for whatever you work with us and whether your case value is big or small, you and your company will receive all benefits preserved by DIMAC for any client.

DIMAC commits to provide the best services with aggressiveness and thoughtfulness in the preparation of documents and carrying out proceeding procedures or giving advices to clients. DIMAC always considers and gives clients many solutions for their choice as well provide advice on the best solution to save time and costs for client and at the same time aim at clients’ expected objects.

a. Dispute settlement of civil cases and matters

DIMAC is able to support its clients in civil disputes, i.e. regarding housing, land, damage compensation, civil contracts and other issues to be settled at the Trial by a civil lawsuit. Specifically:

  • Disputes on sale and purchase, lease, borrowing, award agreements; service contracts and other civil contracts;
  • Contractual and non-contractual damage compensation;
  • Personal insurance;
  • Legal issues on inheritance, including making a testament;
  • Dispute on rights of land use or house ownership and
  • Other types of civil disputes.

Unless our clients desire to themselves get involved, DIMAC’s attorneys will represent its clients to participate in negotiation and reconciliation stage before or in the settlement period by the court to help clients save their valuable time. DIMAC’s experienced attorneys have a proficient capacity on litigation at many levels of courts and effectively and excellently work with the governmental authority to complete the clients’ cases.

Once you put your trust on and entrust your case to us, our litigation attorneys will always together work with you throughout all steps of proceedings procedures, from providing information to the Court and joining in reconciliation, etc. to enforcing the final judgment and we carry out all legal actions to settle the legal issues you are facing.

[If you would like to know further information on this service and other supports from DIMAC, please contact us via email address: or directly call to number: (84-8) 3930 8872 for our assistance.

b. Legal issues on lands

DIMAC understands that the disputes regarding land are always having high value and complicated. Therefore, clients will be very cautious when finding their attorneys. Regarding such issues, DIMAC has the best attorneys who can help clients on dispute regarding lands. DIMAC’s advantages comes from the handling skills, knowledge on legal provisions on land in a long time and experience, practically contacting with  all level of court which built by DIMAC. It allows DIMAC to be confident when DIMAC is entrusted to handle the assigned jobs from client. Concurrently, the whole-hearted manner, professionalism and the spirit of dedication of DIMAC’s attorney will help to excell our services to other law firms.

We can effectively support our clients for the following work:

  • Completing procedures to be granted Certificate of land use right;
  • Legalizing the non-certificate land;
  • Making change on land use purpose;
  • Preparing, reviewing and advising on land-related agreement, such as lease contract, transfer contract, award and inheritance contract and other type of contracts;
  • Supporting and carrying out the legal proceeding procedures to complete the transfer, lease, mortgage and inheritance; and
  • Handling disputes relating to land use right.

If you would like to know further information on this service and other supports from DIMAC, please contact us via email address: or directly call to number: (84-8) 3930 8872 for our assistance.

c. Legal issues on houses and apartments

Beyond the legal issues on lands, DIMAC’s expertise is on settlement of complicated legal issues on houses and apartment. With experiences and specialized knowledge on real estate which have been updated for more than 14 years, along with the advantages that DIMAC has gained during working with governmental authority in any big district or city in Vietnam, including Ministries and Central agency, all critical and complicated problems are all possible to be settled by DIMAC by the best resolution to satisfy the needs of clients.

DIMAC can support its clients to handle the legal issues as follows:

  • Completing the procedures to be granted the house ownership certificate;
  • Handling the disputes on house ownership, disputes on contract with objects as houses and apartment;
  • Preparing, advising and performing the contract on transfer of house ownership, such as house purchasing, selling, leasing, awarding, presenting and mortgaging the houses/apartments;
  • Claiming to protect the legitimate rights of house or apartment owner and
  • Other legal issues relating to commercial houses and apartment.

If you would like to know further information on this service and other supports from DIMAC, please contact us via email address: or directly call to number: (84-8) 3930 8872 for our assistance.

d. Other legal issues relating to real estates

When entering into a real estate transaction, the parties may have to face many complex and difficult matters such as making assessment on the legality of such assets or working with the banks for mortgage or financial loan. Whatever role you are keeping in the transaction, as seller or buyer of the real estate asset, it is very convenient for you and there is more chance of success to your transaction if you hire a DIMAC’s attorney to handle the situations.

In DIMAC, we represent and support for both individuals and enterprises on the matters regarding real estate, including: 

  • Commercial real estate assets;
  • Residential real estate assets;
  • Legal issues on construction;
  • Lease agreement;
  • Mortgage or financial borrowings and
  • Settlement of mortgaged assets.

We understand that you may have to cope with any of specific issues as mentioned above and then, your best solution is to contact an attorney specializing on real estate in our firm to receive the best initial and necessary advices before making decision If necessary, our attorneys will carefully guide you on legal aspect to help you have the best way to settle your problems.

If you would like to know further information on this service and other supports from DIMAC, please contact us via email address: or directly call to number: (84-8) 3930 8872 for our assistance.

e. Marriage and family service

In DIMAC, we handle the matter relating to marriage and family issue with very high caution through the understanding and effort to walk in client’s shoes on this matter. When handling the work, we proactively make balance on legal provision for the sensitive matters of clients relating their family. We propose the solution for not only keeping their faces and privacy but also ensuring the mutual benefit and future of his/her children. Hereby, our attorneys who specializing in marriage and family, with experiences and professionalism can handle any problem relating to family relationship which is needed to be supported by attorneys.

We can effectively handle our clients’ legal issues relating to the marriage and family as follows:

  • Divorce;
  • Assets and children division via negotiation;
  • Child guardian;
  • Claiming for right of child custody;
  • Children support payment under Court’s judgment;
  • Right of child visit;
  • Parents information clarification and change;
  • Children adoption and
  • Assets division.

For further information on this kind of service, you can email us at or directly call our office at (84-8) 3 930 8872.