Expediting work and solutions

Subject to our advice given, DIMAC keeps working with clients to fulfill the work assigned and execute the consulted solutions by:

  • Preparing documents in full relating to legal issues of clients;
  • Preparing the Meeting Minutes, Resolution, Decision or company’s internal documents for the assigned work;
  • Drafting contracts or agreements to be signed by the parties;
  • Appointing a lawyer to  participate in important meetings;
  • Representing clients to perform all the work as a member of Management Board at other companies; and
  • Going with clients to work with the competent authorities or subject to the situation, working with the state bodies independently.                                                                                                                  

Gaining intensive experience in many years by providing legal advice for many large enterprises in Vietnam, DIMAC’s professional lawyers can surely assist clients to comply with legality and compliance of the documents, quickly deploying business plans, or seeking the best solutions to difficult internal issues of enterprises.

For further information on this kind of service, you can email us at info@dimac-law.com or directly call our office at (84-8) 3 930 8872.