To adapt Vietnam’s deep and wide integration and follow up constant changes in labor regulations, enterprises and organizations in Vietnam find it crucial to (i) deeply understand regulations of employment; (ii) attain a clear and legal system of labour important documents, such as Labour Contracts, Internal Labour Regulations, internal Policies and Rules; and (iii) be timely advised on essential matters related to labour disputes. Well managing this is to help enterprises to feel peaceful in mind about the employment-related matters, enhancing efficiency of using human resource; and (iii) minimize risks due to violation of current regulations of employment. This demand leads such enterprises to seek a professional law firm to closely cooperate and deal with their labor matters during their operations by the best solutions .   

By the large confidence from excellently gained results, which has been built up from our lawyers’ profound understanding of the related business lines and clients’ demands, the labor lawyer team of DIMAC comprising of the experienced and diligent lawyers can assist clients to skillfully deal with the labor legal matters.

To be specific, going side-by-side with Clients, DIMAC can:  

  • Advising matters related to employment arising in operations of enterprises; 
  • Assisting in conducting procedures and process to obtain work permits;
  • Drafting and providing important labor documents;
  • Resolving the matters and disputes relating to labor contracts and employment;
  • Advising and fulfilling solutions to change Clients' workforce due to their restructuring, division, mergers and acquisitions; and
  • Participating and effectively solving labour arguments, conflicts and disputes with clients’ employees.

DIMAC’s involvement in the settlement of labor matters will definitely bring Clients the clear competitive advantages in management and quick resolution of complicated labor-related issues.

For further information on the labor-related issues or any legal issue that DIMAC can support, you can contact us via our email address at or directly call our office at (84-8) 3 930 8872.