Legal supports in Projects

During deployment of new projects, enterprise must comply with all required procedures, to support which and any arising matters, Clients really need assistant role from professional lawyers. In this aspect, DIMAC’s necessity for Clients is not only derived from our professional service quality but also the value of our lawyers who have expertise on legal procedures, fluently use English and work in their enthusiastic and conscientious manner whenever processing the work.

The legal supports for Projects DIMAC can provide:

  • Providing the initial advice on legal issues about which Clients are concerned
  • Completing the application dossier with the required documents to be prepared in both Vietnamese and English, if required
  • Working with the competent authorities to get required permissions
  • Solving issues arising out from working with the competent authorities
  • Advising and performing necessary legal tasks during the project deployment
  • Accomplishing all legal procedures to complete the project  

For further information on this kind of service, you can email us at or directly call our office at (84-8) 3 930 8872.