DIMAC is proud that all of our lawyers and legal assistants with solid legal background and profound experience, who are working at our three (03) offices in Ho Chi Minh City, Da Nang and Binh Duong, are always committed, enthusiastic and responsible to Clients’ assignments by setting such work as their top priority.

DIMAC’s lawyers are professionally trained in handling the work. By combining with their abilities to learn from the complex assignments they has assisted other Clients during their time working for other large law firms, they are fully confident to work with various corporate Clients. In addition, their skills of listening and analyzing case details, information and documents provided by Clients are our strengths and hereby, DIMAC can provide Clients with effective, quick and sustainable legal solutions.

Number of DIMAC’s lawyers

  • Partners:                     02 lawyers
  • Senior Associate:        01 lawyer
  • Associate:                  07 lawyers
  • Paralegal:                   06 paralegals
  • Translation:                 01 translator

Qualification of DIMAC’s lawyers

  • Master’s degree overseas:            03 lawyers
  • Master’s degree in Vietnam:         01 lawyer
  • Bachelor of Law:                           06 people
  • Over 10-year experience:              05 lawyers
  • Over 05-year experience:              03 lawyers