Removal of the provisions prohibiting civil servants from participating in drug introduction

From 1 June 2018, current civil servants are entitled to participate in the activities of drug introduction if satisfying the conditions of professional qualifications in accordance with the laws. This is one of the highlights of Circular No. 07/2018/TT-BYT issued by the Ministry of Health on 12 April 2018 to detail some articles on pharmaceutical business of the Pharmacy Law and Decree No. 54/2017/ND-CP dated 8 May 2017 of the Government detailing some articles and measures to implement the Pharmacy Law (“Circular 07”).

Accordingly, compared with the current regulations on qualifications from the intermediate level upward, Circular 07 provides more stringently for qualifications and practical skills for drug introducers. Specifically, under Circular 07, the drug introducer must (i) have a college degree in medicine or pharmacy and above; and (ii) are recruited by pharmaceutical business establishments and trained in practical skills and qualification relating to drug introduction activities and legal documents on pharmacy.

In addition, some other highlights are detailed in Circular 07 as follows:

(i) Requirement on language used in pharmaceutical practice in Vietnam by foreigners and Vietnamese residing overseas;

(ii) Announcement and publication of the list of those having pharmacy practice certificates who are working at drug business establishments;

(iii) Activities of those establishments engaged in pharmaceutical activities which are not subject to the granting of certificates of eligibility for pharmaceutical business;

(iv) List of drugs restricted to retail (in Appendix III of the Circular).

Circular 07 takes effect from 1 June 2018 in replacement for Circular No. 13/2009/TT-BYT dated 1 September 2009 of the Ministry of Health guiding drug information provision and advertising activities.