DIMAC has a positive business culture where the people working here are always most respected to maximally develop their strengths and clients are most cared with the best supports. Our culture is expressed through our activities consistent with the values built and maintained as from the first day of our establishment.

Preservation of traditional values

As one Partner of Phuoc & Partners Law Firm from the first days, DIMAC’s Founder, Mr. Pham Quoc Tuan, not only actively preserve but also greatly advance the values as our solid grounds for DIMAC’S development.

In DIMAC, the most essential traditional values, which are honesty and kindness, respecting the human and dedicating clients, actively and creatively working, uninterruptedly striving and proactively share and cooperate each other, are deeply penetrative into all the actions, thoughts, behaviours and decisions of the people working in DIMAC. We are proud to successfully have built and created a dynamic working environment to navigate our people for a balanced development and heading towards their self-perfection of working skills and personality in accordance with our sustainable values.  

Keeping balance and adding values to innovation

Along with the traditional values, DIMAC always explores modern values from the exterior world to develop, innovate and move forward to become a leading law firm in the near future. We absorb such values through continuously improving our capacities and approaching pieces of new information first, intensively studying knowledge and creating effective solutions to satisfy clients’ requirements.

In addition, expressing these modern values, we respect individual democracy and independence, encourage research, partially contribute to solve social matters and apply advanced techniques to create a comfortable working environment for our people, facilitating more effective solutions to be generated to clients.

Aiming at perfection and efficiency

DIMAC designs its working environment for the people working here and clients’ work to be aimed at perfection and most effectively solved respectively. In DIMAC, there is no room for complacency, self-satisfaction and moderate quality. All people of DIMAC always undertake the in-charge work most hard and dedicate all their time, efforts, diligence and enthusiasm into the assignments until the clients’ matters are completely solved with the highest quality and most satisfaction. Our standardized working process and qualified people will still be re-assessed, trained and improved further to enhance the service quality provided to clients.

Constant strive and ongoing development

All the people working in DIMAC always comprehensively understand and work with the continuously striving spirit because the complacency without improvement of any person is never accepted. One of the fundamental values of DIMAC, that is, activeness and initiative, presenting by working with best-efforts and modesty is the decisive factor of this approach. When meeting any trouble, DIMAC’s people will not surrender but attempt hard to find solutions to any problem whether in working or private life. Living with such values, DIMAC’s people are encouraged to self-study at any time and ready to share their working knowledge, experience and solution to others. Concurrently, DIMAC always conducts training for our lawyers to improve their abilities far better.

Dedication - Giving values to the younger generation, country and community

DIMAC definitely determines that our work is not limited to the best accomplishment of client’s requests, but the Partners are working with the spirit of dedication, endeavoring  heart and soul to train and form a team of professional lawyers with their bright mind, problem-solving skills who always strive and actively contribute to the country’s development after their successful working time at DIMAC or coming back from study-aboard.

In addition, trying our utmost and generating a variety of best legal services is the way DIMAC’s dedication cultural is revealed therefrom. It has obviously contributed safety in legal aspects for clients as companies operating in Vietnam and also greatly motivates foreign investors to continue their investment in Vietnam into key areas to strongly develop economic growth  of Vietnam. Not only that, DIMAC’s dedication culture also allows us to encourage and create favorable conditions for its employees, in any case, to contribute their best to improve the legal knowledge of the community through various social activities initiated on our own or held by the state bodies.

Cooperation and expansion to regions

DIMAC’s culture and capacities orientates and motivates our cooperation with other business partners and expanse itself beyond territory of Vietnam. In the first phase, in cooperating and incorporating with other law firms, we will build a law firm positioning in top five leading professional law firms in Vietnam where nationally and internationally qualified attorneys work. Thereafter, DIMAC will merge with other large professional law firms to create a strong law corporation of Vietnam. Inevitably, we strongly believe that DIMAC will play a positive role for Vietnamese professional law firms to build up a respectful foothold in cooperation with other foreign law firms for a mutual development of the region and in the world. 

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