Using strengths deprived from legal capacities, experience and lawyers, DIMAC can support clients in provision of a variety of professional legal services, some most important work of which are as follows:

  • Providing services of carrying out investment of clients in Vietnam by advising, preparing necessary documents and working with governmental agencies to obtain investment certificate for projects, establish a new company or amend an investment certificate;
  • Providing services for merger and acquisitions;
  • Providing legal services for corporate operations;
  • Supporting in contract negotiation or negotiation for high- value transactions to be closed with other business partner;
  • Providing services of dispute resolution at Court and Arbitration;
  • Providing services of debt recovery for companies and banks;
  • Handling Tax issues;
  • Conducting procedures for business close-down or dissolution; and
  • Dealing with other civil cases.

We are different from other big law firm by our own strengths and distinctions:

  1. DIMAC’s standardized service quality is always ensured with quickness and professionalism, which can satisfy high-demanding clients even.
  2. DIMAC’s service price is the most reasonable in comparison with other big law firms in the professional legal market especially when our service quality is similar to others in effectiveness.
  3. DIMAC has a head office in Ho Chi Minh City and branch based in Binh Duong and then sets up its branches in Danang, Ha Noi and Can Tho. This enables DIMAC to provide clients with swift and flexible services.
  4. Our lawyers are working in branches positioned in the North, the Middle and the South of Vietnam. Given the effective shared information network and nexuses, it helps us sort clients’ issues out as to both legal regulations and cultural problems.
  5. DIMAC’s lawyer team has good proficiency in English, working completely for clients’ benefits in an enthusiasm and professional manner.

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