DIMAC’s strength in this field is remarkably the capacity to provide intensive legal services for foreign investors coming to Vietnam to invest in important projects or cooperate with their Vietnamese partners for the same. Obtaining an experienced and professional team of lawyers with their in-depth knowledge, DIMAC can efficiently support Clients to deal with all complicated legal matters arising out from foreign investment with the best quality legal services in any stage of their projects.

To be specific, DIMAC can assist Clients the following work:

  • Evaluating in detail their business partners, business locations and other related issues, which is highlighted in a trusted Legal Due Diligence Report;
  • Connecting between Clients and their business partners under an agreement or business cooperation contract to be thoroughly prepared. We will advise Clients on effective transaction structures in the projects transactions they intend to run;
  • Preparing agreements and documents between Clients and their partners, providing them with a piece of clear advice on legal issues emerged over the process of project implementation; and
  • Effectively negotiating with their business partners to solve problem or reach agreements.

Our reputation is built up our inside strengths and actual abilities through our professionalism, excellent service quality, quick actions for meeting Clients' deadline and strictest demand, which aims at mutual sustainable strategic partnership. In case of the parties' cooperation, DIMAC's experience and expertise surely help Clients with benefits from safety and effectiveness in investment deals to be made in Vietnam.

For further information on this kind of service, you can email us at or directly call our office at (84-8) 3 930 8872.


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