Negotiation is the best solution which the disputing parties can use to deal with commercial deals and solve disputes by an amicable agreement, helping Clients preserve relationships and save costs. However, although the Clients can easily assign someone to involve in the negotiations but finding an expert, the one to efficiently negotiate and assist Clients to gain huge advantage in legal matters is not a easy task.

Founded and led by Mr. Pham Quoc Tuan, who graduated the Program on Negotiation at Harvard Law School and also is lecturer to inspire the CEOs, CFOs and other managers of the art of negotiation, DIMAC has enough confidence and ability to assist Clients in the most complicated and difficult negotiations.

DIMAC can assist the Clients with the followings :

1.  Negotiating, entering into, amending  and liquidating contracts 

DIMAC, after having agreed on principles, will  on behalf of Clients negotiate                               the contractual terms and  the specific issues to bring unexpected benefits for Clients.

2.  Negotiating for Merger and Acquisition (M&A)

Merger and Acquisition comprises of very complicated legal matters.                         Therefore, apart from experts in other fields going together, participation of              negotiation experts in the important matters thereof is indispensable. DIMAC have engaged and gained large experience in the M&A transactions. Therefore, where trusted, DIMAC can bring Clients remarkable values by our effective negotiation abilities. 

3.  Negotiation for dispute resolution

When disputes arise, the possibility for the parties to reach a creative and reasonable solution is extremely hard. To do this, Clients should have negotiation experts as DIMAC's lawyers in their sides. This will certainly help Clients resolve disputes faster and more effectively, rather than pursue the dispute at Courts with time-consuming and costly procedures.

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