DIMAC proud to successfully have built and created a dynamic, positive working environment and respectful corporate culture as from the first day of our establishment. We have always created environment for each member to maximally promote their strengths in firm. All members of DIMAC always keep and maintain to these cultural values in order to head towards their self-perfection of working skills and personality in accordance with our sustainable values. 


Preservation of moral values
Mr. Pham Quoc Tuan - DIMAC’s Founder values the essential important moral values of lawyers that is honesty, kindness, respecting the human and dedicating clients as well as actively and creatively working, uninterruptedly striving and proactively share and cooperate each member.


Always be openness and cultivate knowledge
Along with the moral values, DIMAC members always willing to explore, update and absorb new innovations, technologies, information to improve their knowledge, skills and create effective solutions to satisfy clients’ requirements.  At the same time, DIMAC always creates a comfortable and open working environment to brainstorm, get creative ideas, different mindset, respecting for each individual, encourage each member to be active and proactive in their work. 

Constantly improving the quality of service and efficiency
At DIMAC Law Firm, there is no room for complacency, self-satisfaction. Each member is always hard-working, diligence, enthusiastic and dedicated into the assignments until the clients’ matters are completely solved with the highest quality and most satisfaction. After each successful project, DIMAC team always considers, improves and constantly improves the quality of service better futher.

Initiative and Activeness
Initiative and activeness is one of DIMAC’s fundamental values that is presented by working with best-efforts, initiative in most problems and actively finding solutions in all situations. DIMAC’s member are encouraged to self-control, ready to share their working knowledge, experience and support each other at work. 

Dedication - Giving values to the young generation, country and community
DIMAC’s dedication culture allows us to encourage our lawyer team to create a dynamic, integrity legal operating environment in Vietnam, to contribute their best to improve the legal knowledge of the community through various social activities, legal supporting programs initiated by the state bodies.

Cooperation and expansion to regions
In the first phase, DIMAC aims to co-operate with other large professional Law Firms to creat a strong Law Corporation that supports for national legal issues. DIMAC believes that this cooperation will play a positive role for Vietnamese professional legal market, as well as build a worthy position with foreign law corporations in the region and the world.


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  • "DIMAC stands out for its industry knowledge, overall advice and particularly good litigation experience and the team is enthusiastic, energetic and ready to go anywhere to support clients with its in-depth know-how".
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