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DIMAC builds and affirms its capability in real estate as one of its outstanding strengths. The experience and reputation of DIMAC come from its lawyers’ works in advising and supporting for big companies and investors who are implementing real estate projects on housing, tourism, hotels and infrastructure.


DIMAC’s dynamic, experienced and foreign language fluent lawyers have successfully settled many complicated transactions such as advising on an independent real estate project, or on acquisition of a part or entire of project, project restructuring, lease or sublease of land use right for construction and joint venture projects. Therefore, DIMAC can confidently support its clients in effectively resolving all arising matters during the deployment of real estate projects.


DIMAC always approaches the issue on the right way to find the solution and settle the problems. We fully understand the objects and demands of our clients and know how to coordinate with other departments in our firm, i.e. tax, investment, or labour, to bring comprehensive solutions for our clients. We assert our outstanding quality of services and effective cost control for our clients.


We offer to provide the following real estate legal services:


  • Obtaining licenses/permits for Real estate Projects


DIMAC has full resources and experience on supporting our clients to resolve all legal issues from planning and preparation stage to actually carrying out the necessary works to obtain the license/permit for real estate project in any city and province.


Our client will receive our supports for their works, including:

  • Preparing all minutes of agreement between parties in the beginning of project, including all Memorandums, Principle Agreements, Cooperation Agreements and other documents made from time to time;  
  • Advising on the way of approach, reasonable solutions or optimal structures, and supporting the parties in negotiation to successfully implement the project;
  • Preparing all documents of a sufficient application dossier and submitting to license/permit issuance authority; and
  • Working with governmental agencies and quickly settling any arising matters until the License/Permit on Real Estate Project is issued.


When working with DIMAC for obtaining the license/ permits for real estate projects, the clients can believe that they will surely receive the professional services from DIMAC with quick result and full satisfaction along with a reasonable service fees.


  • Advising on Real estate Projects


The legal services provided by DIMAC will not be limited within the obtainment of licenses/permits. We can also advise our clients on all legal issues arising during the project implementation process. The professional and knowledge-intensive advices of DIMAC are the results of the combination between legal provisions, our practical experiences and our problem solving abilities to give solutions or point out the hidden risks that help clients consider and make wise decisions with respect to the project completion.


In detail, we are now providing advice for our clients on the following issues:

  1. Advising on the legality of the land lot which client lease, sublease or cooperatively use with its partners to implement the project;
  2. Advising on the necessary legal dossiers when implementing the project to ensure the comprehensive legal compliance;
  3. Advising on matters, risks and/or consequences in any agreement that clients entered or are going to enter with their partners;
  4. Advising on any issue relating to premise compensation and clearance;
  5. Advising on the settlement of any dispute on employment potentially arising during the implementation of the projects;
  6. Advising on the settlement of arising liabilities; and
  7. Advising on other material matters.


Therefore, once deciding to work with DIMAC, clients will receive the timely advices which help client discover the risks and carry out their work on schedule. The accrued benefits, therefore, will far more exceed the service fee which the clients have to pay DIMAC.  


Selling and subleasing Real estate Project


In case the companies or investors would like to sell/transfer or lease their project office of their real estate projects or valuable commercial zones, DIMAC can be the professional law firm which can support clients to successfully reach their goals.   


With our extensive relationship, legal knowledge and excellent negotiation skills, our real estate practicing lawyers are capable to support our clients in the following works:

  1. Introducing potential partners
  2. Handling financial structure;
  3. Answering any question about complicated legal issues; and
  4. Negotiating to have best prices and deals for clients.


  • Re-structuring and debt settlement in real estate business


We, having abundant experience in real estate business, can represent and support our client, whether they are borrowers or lenders, in restructuring the debt and then recovering or extending the payment schedule for bad debts. The services will vary depending on our client’s role which we are presenting on behalf of our client.


In detail, we provide the following services to our client:

For lenders:

  • Advising on debt re-structuring and evaluation of bad debts as well as the recovery method to lessen the pressure on lenders;
  • Recovering the secured debts through negotiation or  Court/Arbitration, including settlement of collateral under mutual agreement; and
  • Carrying out necessary works to ensure the proper judgment enforcement under court’s judgment or arbitration awards.


For borrowers:

  • Advising on solutions and supporting clients in negotiating with lenders, including working with banks, on the debt amount, payment schedule, interest rate and other issues.
  • Advising on re-structuring for real estate project containing internal or planning problems.
  • Supporting clients for suspending the judgment enforcement or transferring the project for off-setting the debts;
  • Advising on re-structuring or settling debts of clients who are falling into insolvency or carrying out bankruptcy procedures   


If you are now facing problems in debt recovery regarding outstanding amounts arising from your projects, please also refer to our services for corporate debt settlement for more information.


For further information on this kind of service, you can email us at clientcare@dimac-law.com or directly call our office at (+84-28) 3822 4860.

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Pham Quoc Tuan

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