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In the context of comprehensive global integration achieved by Vietnam through various critical agreements, one of which is recently TPP agreement and the increasingly competitive business environment as well, enterprises are facing with continuous improvement in quality and knowledge to their managers. As proved in reality, the understanding and properly applying legal knowledge, soft skills and experience in business operations can help enterprises effectively resolve arising matters. Furthermore, this approach also supports companies to save costs and time by avoiding legal risks as from the point of drafting contracts or settling disputing matters by solutions afterwards, which therefore creates added values for enterprises.a


Founded and led by Lawyer Mr. Pham Quoc Tuan, graduated from Harvard Law School for a Program on Negotiation and obtained the LL.M in International & Commercial Dispute Resolution in the United Kingdom, DIMAC has been invited to take part in many seminars and training courses provided for enterprises. Specifically, as the leader of DIMAC’s lawyer team, Mr. Pham Quoc Tuan has often trained for drafting contracts, resolving disputes, negotiation and persuasion skills and dealing with legal matters for Chief Executive Officers, Chief Financial Officers and corporate managers.


The following Internal Training Programs on legal knowledge and soft skills can be organized and provided by Mr. Pham Quoc Tuan and lawyer team of DIMAC for enterprises, namely:

  • Drafting and Negotiating Commercial Contracts;
  • Investment in Vietnam – Prevailing Regulations and Skills to Solve Legal Matters;
  • Legal issues in Enterprises’ establishment and operations – Solutions;
  • Harvard Principled Negotiation;
  • Efficient Persuasion Principles in Business;
  • Effective Corporate Debt Recovery;
  • Procedures, Skills and Experience for Commercial Dispute Resolution;
  • Labor Dispute Resolution Strategies;
  • Dispute Resolution in Construction – Skills and Strategies; and
  • Mergers and Acquisitions - Critical Legal Issues and Negotiation Strategies


For further information on legal and skill trainings or any legal issue that DIMAC can support, please contact us via our email address at clientcare@dimac-law.com or directly call our office at (+84-28) 3822 4860.

Le Thanh Tung
ha noi

Le Thanh Tung


T: (84-24) 6274 1625

E: tung.le@dimac-law.com

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Pham Quoc Tuan
ho chi minh

Pham Quoc Tuan

Managing Partner 

T: (84-28) 3822 4860

E: tuan.pham@dimac-law.com

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