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In this field, with more than 14-years experience of lawyers at DIMAC who have worked with all Vietnamese courts at various levels, including first instance, appeal, cassation and retrial, we are fully qualified to assist Clients to resolve these disputes effectively.


DIMAC's lawyers have successfully resolved more than 250 disputes in many civil fields, such as civil contracts for sale and purchase, real estate, loan, property lease, marriage and family and inheritance. This gives us depth in our dispute resolution and litigation skills, and builds a wealth of experience and broad but solid connections with the relevant authorities. when dealing with similar disputes.


Sharing financial problems with our clients, we have built many flexible and effective service fee structures, helping customers to be proactive and balance with their budgets while still being committed to the quality of our services.


Types of civil disputes we can assist clients to resolve:


Disputes about civil contracts, including:


• Sale and Purchase contract

• Service contract

• Rental contract

• Loan contract

• Mortgage, mortgage and guarantee contracts

• Insurance contract

• Processing contract

• Other types of civil contracts


Understanding the nature of each type of contract and experience handling many similar cases enables DIMAC to make a comprehensive assessment of the position of the client and the parties in the case and guide the clients strategies for effective case resolution.


If you or your firm is a party in a dispute over one of the above types of contracts, DIMAC is the law firm you are looking for as we can help clients to protect all their rights, benefits, in accordance with current regulations.

Pham Quoc Tuan
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Pham Quoc Tuan

Managing Partner 

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