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Investment disputes are disputes that may arise between domestic investors, foreign-invested economic organizations or between domestic investors / foreign-invested economic organizations with competent state agencies related to business investment activities in the territory of Vietnam.

Our team of lawyers is able to assist you in effectively resolving the above type of dispute for the following reasons:

  • Our team of lawyers has participated in supporting clients to carry out investment and business procedures in Vietnam, therefore, we have a thorough understanding of the general mechanism and policies to the procedures for investment and doing business in Vietnam. This knowledge helps us to directly grasp the problems / violations / non-compliance points that the Clients or the Opposing Rights Holder may have, as a basis for providing effective support to our Clients for Investment / Business Disputes;
  • Regarding the proceedings, Vietnam's Investment Law stipulates that investment disputes will be resolved generally through Vietnamese Arbitration, Vietnamese Courts.


DIMAC's lawyers are those who have had experience in protecting the legitimate rights and interests of the Client in many cases, court proceedings, and dispute settlement cases performed under the Arbitration procedures for a long time, with complicated issues, of which many disputes with great value up to tens of millions of US dollars arisen have been successfully settled; Many Lawyers have been / are currently holding the positions of legal proceedings of Vietnamese Courts, arbitrators of Vietnam International Arbitration Center (VIAC), commercial mediators.


With a wealth of experience in participating in proceedings at the above mentioned Courts and Arbitration Center, highly effective support for the Clients in investment disputes is our incomparable advantage to other law firms in the legal market.



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