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We understand your problem

Finding a trust-worthy lawyer to help on handling legal issues is always a difficult and challenging work. If you are facing problems on an individual loan or your company needs to collect the outstanding debts from its business partners or other difficult situations in recovering an indebted amount, DIMAC’s lawyers are who you should meet.


DIMAC is a professional law firm in this practice area with enormous experience and high expertise, which has dealt with lots of cases similar to your cases. We not only bring you solutions and legal advices but also helping with carrying out the practical work to collect the debts. You will realize and be impressed when you firstly contact or communicate with our lawyers.


Areas in which we are the experts in corporate debt recovery

We have engaged in collection of debts in many areas and our most well-known and trust-building services are in the following fields for large, remarkable clients whom DIMAC’s lawyers have worked for and provided services, specifically:

  • Banking: ANZ, Standard Chartered Bank and Commonwealth Bank
  • Consumer Goods and Beverages: Midea Consumer Electric (Vietnam) and Coca-Cola Beverages Vietnam
  • Agricultural products: Dekalb Vietnam
  • Forwarding services: DB Schenker Vietnam
  • Entertainment and games: VNG Corporation (Vina Games)
  • Automobile industry: General Motors Vietnam
  • Painting industry: Akzo Nobel Vietnam
  • Wholesale and supermarket: Metro Cash & Carry Vietnam.
  • Construction: CNA-HTE Vietnam, Vinaconex Corporation, Inter Art Saigon Co., Ltd, Sinh Nam Metal (Vietnam), An Thien Phu
  • Commercial Real Estate Service: CB Richard Ellis (Vietnam)
  • Telecommunication: VNPT


We know how to help our clients in most efficient ways

Before and over dealing with the cases, DIMAC will give advices to clients on critical issues. To collect the debts out of the Court or arbitration, DIMAC’s lawyers are experts on negotiation with debtors to convince them to pay indebted amounts to clients. The lawyers in DIMAC know how to repeatedly and legally put pressures on debtors to impose them to strictly follow the agreed payment schedule. If it is required, DIMAC will advise clients on the documents to be prepared and the right time to tale legal actions against the debtors at the competent court or arbitration centre with a complete litigation file we support clients to fully prepare. Preparing and sending of a warning letter/letter of demand to debtor are our daily jobs for helping our clients to recover the debt without wasting their valuable time. When a judgment is made, subject to the status of debtors’ properties, we will support our client in enforce to fully collect the outstanding debt stated in the judgment.


We thoroughly understand the proceedings for Court Litigation and Arbitration Procedures

One of the elements generating DIMAC’s brand name and differences is our lawyers’ expertise and activeness in the litigation proceedings in Court Litigation or Arbitration procedures. Long time working with judges facilitates us to have the professional working relation. Further, our active and careful study of file case and thorough research on legal documents helps DIMAC’s lawyers know how to approach the lawsuit, work with and explain to the judges or Arbitration Tribunal and negotiate with debtors for the best results. All procedures, from requesting for preliminary injunctive reliefs, summoning witnesses or preparing evidences, are effectively advised to clients by DIMAC.  


Professional lawyers of DIMAC

You are immediately impressed by behaviors and attitudes of DIMAC’s lawyers in charge if you contact us. Our lawyers are always well-trained to behave clients in a dedicated and professional manner. We understand client’s concerns and problems, resulting in our attempt to quickly carry out the work and keep clients updated with any progression in the case settlement. Any difficulties arising over process of settlement will all be carefully and whole-heartedly advised for clients to understand and make the best decision for ensuring their individual benefits or their company’s benefits to be protected. DIMAC’s lawyers always uphold their ethics, so clients can immediately feel their right behaviors at first sight.


Our service fees is flexible and reasonable

In terms of service fee, DIMAC gives clients flexible choices for methods to calculate the service fees, i.e.: (i) fixed fee; (ii) fixed fee plus successful fee; or (iii) only successful fee calculated from the actual collected amount of debt. We understand that each case contains different facts and complexness, so various proposals should be given. Therefore, reasonable proposals will be offered given varying value of the debts.

However, no matter what a fee-charging method is chosen, DIMAC always advises clients in details on how the best of their choice is. More importantly, if working with the success-based fee, DIMAC expresses its willingness to share difficulties with clients under the principle that “we only get fees when clients receive payments” or “no pay, no fee”.


We are positive differences from others

The element keeping us different from the service providers is our culture. In comparison with other law firms, rather than common standards as professional manners, we have many differences, which builds up DIMAC’s prestige , that are:

  • Kindness and dedication;
  • Responsibility;
  • Treating clients’ work as ours;
  • Sharing difficulties with clients; and
  • Acting under codes of conducts of a professional lawyer.


For further information on this kind of service, you can email us at clientcare@dimac-law.com or directly call our office at (+84-28) 3822 4860.

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